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Most people can relate to having a favorite chair they love until the fabric begins to fade. Automobile collectors may purchase an antique car that requires interior restoration. Perhaps you've purchased a used boat or RV and want to bring it back to its former glory before you take to the water or hit the road. For all of these reasons, customers turn to us for top-rated upholstery repair in Reno and Sparks. In addition to car upholstery repair, we will work on any of your special projects, including boat, RV and furniture upholstery.

If you are a DIYer you may consider mending your items yourself. At a glance, this process may seem easy, but like many things, it can take a lot more time than expected and you run the risk of making things worse. Our experienced technicians have done it all and make the process look easy, but in reality it’s a highly technical job. There are many upholstery shops in Reno and it’s challenging to know which ones provide great results and long-lasting quality. From residential to commercial solutions, we deliver quality work, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

We are local upholsterers in Reno, and operate throughout Washoe County NV to provide all your upholstery repair, replacement and cushion replacement needs. We understand that everyone wants to enjoy their seating, not have an uncomfortable eyesore. Whether in the house, or workplace, a comfortable chair enhances relaxation and is important décor. Your furnishings are central to any setting. That’s why we offer mobile upholstery services - we come to you.
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As our beloved pets are destroying the upholstery on the furniture

Upholstery Repair and Restoration

Have some damaged or torn fabric? Maybe it has an irreversible stain or the cushion foam is hard or worn out and needs to be replaced. Furniture reupholstery saves money and makes your investment last longer. You already invested in your couch, chair, vehicle, boat or RV. Why get rid of it when you can re-vamp it?
Upholstery of the seats of the passenger compartment of a luxury car with black genuine leather in a workshop for hauling vehicles with a seam of thread.

Auto Upholstery

Have some damaged or torn fabric? Maybe it has an irreversible stain or the cushion foam is hard or worn out and needs to be replaced. Furniture reupholstery saves money and makes your investment last longer. You already invested in your couch, chair, vehicle, boat or RV. Why get rid of it when you can re-vamp it?
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Mobile Upholstery: We come to you!

Today's world is busy but it’s also one of convenience. Give us a call and we’ll make a speedy arrival at your door for an in-home-quote all without having to leave your house.
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Whatever type of textile you have, we can fix it, change it or restore it:

  • RV, Truck and Car upholstery
  • Furniture upholstery
  • Boat upholstery
  • Other projects: classic cars, antique furniture, and more

We have a team of highly experienced and educated technicians, who perform a wide range of refurbishing tasks for our clients. We ensure that we respond to our clients’ needs in a quick and responsible manner. In addition to our residential customers, we work in commercial settings such as:

  • Theatres - We perform historical restoration of auditorium seating to a traditional design. Our skilled technicians can transform a venue with different styles.
  • Clubs and restaurants - Furniture restoration is more cost-effective than purchasing new furnishings. Our team knows that a restaurant or club requires quality seats. That’s why our staff specializes in restaurant furnishings. We can handle any kind of seat such as chairs, benches, booths, banquet chairs, and sofas.
  • Schools - We supply both wood and leather upholstery in schools and colleges. Our technicians can handle any seat at a pocket-friendly price.
  • Marine - The marine industry is always on the go. That’s why we offer quick, comprehensive furnishing repair to minimize down times.

Experienced and skilled craftsmen


For many years, our company has served the needs of our customers throughout Northern Nevada. Our team of craftsmen consists of the very best. We are well trained to deliver a top quality product. Our company mentors new employees to improve their skills. Since our professionals have dealt with many projects, they are knowledgeable in the type of material that will match a specific budget and they know what tools are best to get the job done right. Whether it be ripped seams, torn leather, splits, breaks, or damaged varnish we are available to help with your project needs.

Furniture upholstery

One of the most significant ways of breathing new life into the home is changing your furniture, but many homeowners think it means throwing out the old and buying all new. Furniture reupholstery or mending will save you money and get your home looking and feeling new, like you bought new!

Antique restoration


Good work is essential in preserving the antique’s look while revitalizing it to a perfect condition. This job should be handled by a professional with in-depth knowledge and a vast understanding and appreciation of antiques. We take care when it comes to antique furniture restoration, whether valuable or sentimentally priceless.


Affordable services

Contrary to what you might think, refurbishing your items doesn’t cost a fortune when you work with us. We charge reasonable prices for all our services. From your home furnishings, automobile, boat to your RV, we perform each task at a high quality level. Our skills are well recognized because of our affordable prices and great results.

High-quality textiles

Customers demand elegant and quality products, and we deliver just that. Our upholstery shop is knowledgeable of all the current industry textiles and we only use durable fabrics that are cost-effective. Our textiles have excellent dimensional stability, stain resistance, and appearance retention. We provide many options such as vinyl and leather, and can provide guidance based on our expertise and experience working with a wide range of products. As far as materials, we have an amazing selection of quality products that come in a wide range of colors. Apart from having a proven track record of supplying upholstery fabric to all applications, we advise on the best material to use for a specific décor.


What makes us leading upholsterers in Reno and Sparks?

Our company has core values that allow it to work as a team and deliver the best results. We practice integrity as our primary core value, with the aim of building trust with our clients. Our second core value is accountability. We deliver on all our obligations and commitments while taking responsibility for outcomes. Our main objective is making our clients happy. It takes trained craftsmen to deliver the best. To request a quote or for more information, call us now or submit the free quote form at the top of the page.

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