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Old Car Seat with Torn Upholstery.
Automobile owners who take pride in their vehicles invest in maintenance and upkeep from the inside out. While the rest of the world can appreciate a well-kept car or truck from the outside, you know the importance of having a comfortable, neat, well-maintained interior. Whether you would like a custom car interior for a car you’ve just purchased or if your long-time daily vehicle could use a bit of TLC, our truck and car upholstery service can give your vehicle a new lease on life.

Classic car owners often want to restore their vehicle to its original condition. For such a project, it’s much easier to start fresh and reupholster the interior. Our technicians will work with you to carefully select the best automotive upholstery that will help you achieve your ideal vision. We have an exciting array of colors, textures, and materials. Bring your custom projects to us, and we’ll work with you.

What Do Auto Upholstery Services Cover?

Many of our customers initially assume the term auto upholstery repair refers solely to their automobile's seats. Our car upholstery shop is able to repair multiple components inside your automobile.
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Examples of surfaces we’re able to fix, reupholster and customize include:

  • Carpets: including carpet on the floor and in the trunk
  • Car seat upholstery: fabric, vinyl, and leather repair
  • Headliner: includes fabric that covers the ceiling and roof supports
  • Convertible tops: includes fabric that covers convertible tops and frames
  • Roof covers: we can fix vinyl and canvas roof covers
  • Door panels: we can replace fabric and other materials that cover doors and door panels

Our auto upholstery shop in Reno also serves Sparks and surrounding areas in Washoe County NV. We also offer mobile car upholstery repair for our clients preferring to stay in the home or office while we do our job – we come to you! Call us now or submit the free quote form to learn more about how we can make your automobile's interior look and feel brand new. 

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